The Unearth Cronicle of Jmmanuel
the Man Known as Jesus
Edited by Eduard Albert Meier


Chapter 1 - Genealogy of Emmanuel
Chapter 2 - The Wise Men from the Orient
Chapter 3 - Johannes Who Gives the Blessing (John the Baptist)
Chapter 4 - Emmanuel’s Arcanum
Chapter 5 - The Sermon on the Mount
Chapter 6 - Alms, Fasting, Treasures and Concerns
Chapter 7 - The Spirit of Judgment
Chapter 8 - The Healing of the Leper
Chapter 9 - Healing of the Gouty Person
Chapter 10 - Commissioning of the Disciples
Chapter 11 - The Baptist’s Question
Chapter 12 - Regarding Marriage and Cohabitation
Chapter 13 - Emmanuel and the Sabbath
Chapter 14 - The Wrongdoings of Judas Ischarioth
Chapter 15 - The Meaning of the Parables
Chapter 16 - Herodes and the Baptist
Chapter 17 - Human Commandments and the Laws of Creation
Chapter 18 - The Pharisees Demand a Sign
Chapter 19 - The Nature of a Child’s Thinking
Chapter 20 - Marriage, Divorce, and Celibacy
Chapter 21 - Two Blind Persons
Chapter 22 - Entry into Jerusalem
Chapter 23 - Tax Money
Chapter 24 - Against the Scribes and Pharisees
Chapter 25 - The Prophecy
Chapter 26 - Laws and Commandments
Chapter 27 - The Disciple’s Agitation
Chapter 28 - In Gethsemane
Chapter 29 - The Suicide of Juda Iharioth
Chapter 30 - Defamation of Emmanuel – the Crucifixion
Chapter 31 - Emmanuel’s Flight from the Tomb
Chapter 32 - Emmanuel’s Farewell
Chapter 33 - Emmanuel in Damascus
Chapter 34 - Teachings about Creation
Chapter 35 - Cults around Emmanuel
Chapter 36 - The Human Being and Creation
Epilogue and Explanation
Letter from Isa Rashid

by Judas Ischarioth

The Aramaic scrolls were written by Judas Ischarioth (Iscariot), the disciple of Emmanuel (Jesus), which were discovered in 1963 by Eduard Albert Meier in the tomb where Emmanuel had lain for three days.

The translation of the scrolls from Aramaic into the German language was provided by Isa Rashid and Eduard Albert Meier. The Editing and encoding of the German text only, was provided by ''Billy'' Eduard Albert Meier.

Translation of the German text into English was provided by Julie H. Ziegler and Brian L. Crissey. A revised English translation was also made available in 2001 by Dietmar Rothe, James Deardorff, Christian Frehner, Brian Crissey, Heidi-Lore and Robert E. Peters. Another revision of the English translation was produced in 2004 by Dietmar Rothe, James Deardorff and Christian Frehner. An additional revised English edition was also prepared in 2007 by ''Billy'' Eduard Albert Meier and Christian Frehner (with some additional clarifications put in parentheses and footnotes).