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The purpose of this website is to provide information that supports the mission on Earth of extraterrestrial human beings from the Pleiades star cluster. Simply put, it is the Pleiades Mission to awaken Earth humans to the fact that we share a common ancestry and that they are here to help us to ascend spiritually. The information provided in this website is intended to enlighten humanity about the true nature of extraterrestrial contacts and their intentions for coming to Earth.

A beautiful female Pleiadian human, by the name of Semjase, landed her craft in Switzerland on January 28, 1975 and spoke with a person by the name of Eduard Albert Meier, nicknamed “Billy”. She stated that it was their objectives to: 1. Denounce deceivers of false extraterrestrial contacts and give credence to the actual ones. 2. Disclose that the Pleiadians are just human beings with superior knowledge, wisdom, and technology. 3. Reveal that there are many forms of life that travel through the universe and that have come to Earth. 4. Warn that many aliens are barbarians and that mankind ought to be on its guard against them. 5. Oppose Earth’s religions and their associated under development of the human spirit.

Unfortunately, these extraterrestrials chose Billy Meier to become the new prophet on Earth and help humanity to become wise and evolve spiritually. Although Mr. Meier is to be commended for his initial efforts to make his photographs of UFOs, contact notes and hidden ancient text available to mankind, he has failed to personally promote his mission to the world. Even worse, he has fraudulently deceived humanity about continued alien contacts that ended 30 years ago. There is an extensive amount of evidence provided that substantiates, as well as discredits, his claims.

There is also recent information that is provided here from a person named Corey Goode, which he has disclosed on an internet interview show titled “Cosmic Disclosure” at the website of: www.gaia.com. I consider this information to be so important that I have transcribed all that he has disclosed and presented it in two free E-books that are also featured here. I have also included a lecture regarding his information in this website. Visitors are encouraged to view all that is provided here with an open, but decerning mind.